Monkey Sporting a Winter Coat on the Loose at Ikea

The monkey is eventually caught, the owner gets fined for having a prohibited animal

This past weekend, one of Ikea's stores in Toronto got a rather unexpected customer: a monkey sporting a winter coat.

Apparently, the monkey was first spotted in the upper parking garage, and it took some time before the store's security officers managed to get their hand on it and restrain it.

Either because of the chase, or because it did not find the perfect coffee table it was desperately looking for, this seven-months-old Rhesus Macaque was quite agitated, Huffington Post reports.

The monkey's owner came forward and explained that the monkey had escaped from his car. Needless to say, the local police fined him for owning a prohibited animal. The fine amounted to $240 (€185.6).

For the time being, the monkey is to remain in the custody of animal services, and odds are it will eventually be sent to a zoo.

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