Monkey Killer Thinks of Himself as “a Nice Guy”

22-year-old Michael J. Watkins recently beat to death a Patas monkey

A few days ago, the news that a Patas monkey was beaten to death during a break-in at Zoo Boise in Idaho caused quite a media stir.

Thus, the animal suffered extensive injuries to its head and neck, and did not really stand a chance of survival.

One of the two men responsible for the killing of this monkey now finds himself in police custody, and it is to be expected that soon enough he will be made to suffer the legal consequences of his actions.

Interestingly enough, Michael J. Watkins, as this man is named, actually thinks of himself as a “nice guy.” Better yet, one of “those few nice guys out there.”

Huffington Post explains that, should one have a quick look at Michael's social media accounts, one could not possibly think that he might be capable of beating a monkey to death, simply because he is a trustworthy person who could never hurt anybody.

“It's us real nice guys out there that suffer the chore of earning the trust from those they want,” reads one of Michael's posts on Facebook and Myspace.

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