Monkey Killed by Burglars During Break-In at Zoo Boise

The animal suffered severe blows to its head and neck

This past Saturday, the guard at Zoo Boise in Idaho saw fit to call in the police after he saw two men dressed in black sneaking around the facility.

By the time the police arrived, the burglars had already made their escape. Still, they left behind a severely injured male Patas monkey, which died shortly after, despite efforts to get it back on its feet.

Sources say the monkey received a heavy blow to its head and another to its neck. The first crushed its skull, whereas the second broke its neck vertebrae.

Interestingly enough, this Patas monkey was the only animal that got injured during the break-in.

Police officers are now gathering evidence and analyzing blood samples collected from the Boise Zoo, hoping that this information will help them catch the burglars responsible for the death of this monkey.

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