Monkey Is Very Fond of Wine, Drinks a Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

Witnesses say the animal looked quite “relaxed” after drinking it

The people who happened to be close to the University of Natural Sciences in Malaysia only a few days ago had every chance of coming face to face with a monkey which knew a thing or two about wine.

Photographer and physics professor Mihail Nazarov says that, when he first saw the monkey, it was busy trying to figure out a way to open the bottle and gulp down some of the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon in it.

Apparently, the monkey eventually succeeded in popping the cork and either drank or, hopefully, spilled its entire content.

Thus, it was later on spotted holding on to the bottle and looking quite at ease with the world, sources say.

Not very long ago, we reported on how the staff at a zoo in Indonesia was desperately trying to convince an orangutan to quit smoking.

Based on this new evidence, one could go as far as to argue that humans are not suitable role-models for monkeys.

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