Monica & Brandy Sing “It All Belongs to Me” on Leno

First live performance of the long overdue duet is an A plus

Many years ago, two of the most impressive voices in R&B joined forces on a duet that would go on to make history. Now, Monica and Brandy are a team again, on a sequel to that duet, which you can check out below.

The two recorded “It All Belongs to Me,” envisioned as a sequel of sorts to “The Boy Is Mine.” The track will be included on upcoming albums of both stars.

Below is the video of their first live performance of the Rico Love-produced song – the ladies really killed it!

It's been 14 years, as Jay Leno also points out, since “The Boy Is Mine” came out. For all those fans asking all along for another collaboration, it was worth the wait.

“It All Belongs to Me” is now available as a single.

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