Mom Willing to Give Oral Sex + Cash for a Wii

Pimp yourself on a craigslist

Some will do just anything to get their hands on a Nintendo Wii, and when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. They would even pimp themselves over the web.

This is the case of a mid-30s woman, who just wanted to play some Wii Zelda and was willing to give sexual favors to anyone holding an extra Nintendo next-gen in the form of oral sex. I don't know if this story is bogus or not, I'll let you decide for yourselves.

A post on taultunleased forum addresses this Wii sex "scandal" and xerel (an advanced user of this forum) reveals that he had just gotten two Wiis, out of which he intended to trade one on craigslist. So far, so good. That until he received an email from someone entitled Edited. This person was willing to offer him sexual favors and some money in exchange for the Wii. Apparently, he never planned on going through with the deal, but he went along just to see how crazy this person really was.

He replied the mail and asked that person for a picture. She responded saying that she is a "mid-30s woman, cute, brunette and for real" alongside with a picture of her flabby thing covered behind. In order to get a Wii, she was willing to pay US$ 250 and give the guy some head (should he be over 18).

They kept on exchanging mails until the guy found out that she is a mother who would do just about anything for the Wii. He continued to pursue this issue, requesting more pictures from her. She complied and even sent him a picture of her body next to a TV with the date in the background.

He is very vague on how this "deal" turned out but I guess that's his private business. He is either lying just to get some forum recognition, or craigslist is becoming the next virtual whorehouse.

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