Mom Shoots Home Intruder 5 Times, Flees to Safety – Video

Paul Ali Slater tries to break in, finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun

Paul Ali Slater, a man who has already been to prison 6 times according to online police records, picked the wrong Georgia house to break into. A mother and her two children were inside, and she did not hesitate to shoot him 5 times in the neck and face.

Below is a video report that will provide all the necessary details.

The woman, who has asked the press not to reveal her identity, freaked out when she heard someone was breaking into her house. She called her husband, summoned her kids and did as she was instructed.

First, she and the kids hid in a crawlspace in the office. When the intruder found them, she shot him with a revolver, hitting him 5 times in the face and neck.

She urged the intruder not to get up (he was still conscious) while she fled to safety to a neighbor’s house. Slater still had it in him to get in his car and drive away, but crashed farther up the road and was apprehended by police.

The woman’s husband says she’s a hero for saving her and the kids’ lives.

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