Mom Makes 13-Year-Old Son Sign Contract, in Exchange for iPhone

“Wonder without googling,” one of 18 items on the list reads

Mother Janell has decided to give her son an iPhone for Christmas, as he had been begging for one all year long.

What thirteen-year-old Greg Hoffman didn't know when he asked for the phone was that it would come attached with a long list of regulations that would pretty much control his life.

“Failure to comply with the following list will result in termination of your iPhone ownership,” his mother writes.

First and foremost, she writes that she can take the gift away at any time and that she always has to know the password to the phone. Also, Greg is not to ignore phone calls from her or his father. He is not allowed to take the smartphone to school, which I find a bit extreme.

She tries to encourage him to let go of technology and have real experiences, live life instead of taking pictures of every single moment.

“Wonder without googling,” an inspiring quote reads.

I think Janell may have made a lot of parents' dreams come true with her iPhone contract. You can read the entire 18 items on the list here.

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