Mojo SDK Available for Everyone, Palm Says

Developers can now register freely on the webOSdev

Sunnyvale-based mobile phone maker Palm has finally released the Mojo Software Development Kit for all those willing to come up with applications for its new webOS mobile platform. After a few months during which only a small number of developers had access to the program, now the webOSdev site is open for everyone.

The site is still in beta, yet developers will be able to find there all that is needed to start working on applications for the platform. Future enhancements will be brought to the website, Palm says, but the online meeting place for the webOS developer community enables people to access the Palm Mojo Software Development Kit and tools, SDK documentation, webOSdev discussion forums and the webOS blog.

“In addition, you get the benefit of being able to use the Mojo SDK, version 1.1, the first public release of the SDK, and revised documentation. Palm has been working with the early access program developers to understand what the broader development community needs to be successful with webOS. The webOSdev Beta version is just the first step toward meeting those needs and building the ecosystem needed to make the webOS platform both a technology and business success,” Palm adds.

Most of the technical details regarding the Mojo SDK should be already known, yet we need to say that the application framework provided by the SDK is based on the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web development standards. The SDK comes with the Palm emulator, command-line development tools, sample code and optional plug-ins for the Eclipse development environment.

The registration process for the webOS developer community is a rather simple one, so those interested in joining the webOSdev should head here to learn more. Hopefully, the availability of the Mojo SDK will boost the number of applications available for the Palm Pre in the near future, so that the App Catalog will be capable of competing with similar software portals in the wild.

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