Moebius Is Designed for Longtime Gabriel Knight Fans

The two titles share some mechanics and thematic elements

Jane Jensen, the creator of Gabriel Knight, says that even if no more games in the series are launched, fans will get a similar experience by playing the upcoming Moebius, which was funded via Kickstarter in May 2012.

Speaking to VG247, the game creator says, “Moebius is going very well. We started production in September with Phoenix Online as developers and have already seen a lot of progress. The art style is really fresh, I think, and the story turned out great.”

Jensen believes that there are similarities to Gabriel Knight because the two games are occupying the same genre and because there are clear paranormal elements included.

Cesar Bittar, the leader of developer Phoenix Online, adds, “I’ve read the story, and I can say that the enigma of the game is something that feels extremely fresh and exciting. Gabriel Knight fans are definitely going to love every minute of it.”

The main character of Moebius is an unlikely one, an antique dealer named Malachi Rector who is hired by an eccentric billionaire in order to investigate a number of events, including the murder of a girl.

As he explores the facts and the events which led to them, Rector needs to uncover the truth about the past and face a secret and its implications.

Jensen says that the idea for Moebius existed for about one year before the game was funded via Kickstarter and that the community could have also chosen to use the resources to create Gray Matter 2 or an English romance video game.

The game developer has also praised the quality of current video game-related writing, namechecking both Heavy Rain, the title from Quantic Dream and David Cage, and The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.

She also believes that recent progress masks the fact that quality has existed ever since she first started in the video game world and created Gabriel Knight.

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