Modern Warfare 2 Gets Dedicated Server Workaround

The gaming community comes to the rescue

Many believed and even more feared that Modern Warfare 2 would change the way we looked at video games and the people involved with them forever. Well, the game did just that, but in at least one way that no one could have ever anticipated. After releasing cheats for the game before it was even officially launched, the gamer community managed to pull another huge rabbit out of the hat. Forget a rabbit, what AgentGOD, as the one responsible is known, managed to do is more in the lines of pulling out the Titanic from a glass of water.

First, Infinity Ward and its IWNet said that MW2 would be a lot safer and less frequented by cheaters to ruin the game. That was obviously debunked right from the get-go, and it was more of an ego statement from the community than anything else. But now, the other thing its own developers took away from Modern Warfare 2 is given back by the gamers, for the gamers. With some workarounds, tricks and fiddling with the title, AgentGOD has managed to unlock for it the closest thing to a dedicated server a game could have. Basically, what he managed to do was find where the developer console was locked away in the software's code and make it available to everyone.

What this means is that, now, players can have full control over a server and not be bound by IW and its IWNet-imposed policy. The video that was released on the net depicts a massive session of fun on a MW2 server with unlimited ammo, altered gravity and an XP boost that appears to be registered by IWNet as perfectly legit. What may seem like cheats to some of the less experienced players, are actually server options, as they give all the gamers an equal playing field with the same abilities. The settings are master for the server, so they immediately apply to every user that joins.

This “dedicated server” workaround was depicted in this manner because it's very explicit, but, most of all, because it's fun. Something that games are supposed to be about and something that, apparently, Infinity Ward forgot about. Now, if the community managed to solve the player cap of 18 for the PC version of the title as well, then we could truly say that the biggest game in history received the biggest community support ever recorded. Let this be a lesson to all game developers that think they can mess around with their fans and get away with it.

Check out the video here, while many others have already begun to surface on YouTube.

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