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For in-game advertising

Freeplay is a technology that allows non-disruptive in game advertising within traditional mobile phone games. Through this technology, a wide variety of advertising models and strategies can be adopted by the game developer, such as pay-per-view, pay-per-click and others.

The technology comes with support for both textual and graphical advertising formats. The mobile phone gamer demographic is one of the most sought after and at the same time hardest to reach audience, due to their reduced interest in TV of Radio.

FreePlay technology is aiming to reach this audience through what they love the most, which is ad-supported free mobile phone games. Kalador's FreePlay technology has been deployed on MobileRated's free game website and appears to be quite a success, with the site growing by over 50 percent per month.

Due to the high volume of mobile game downloads, Kalador teams up with leading mobile internet advertising agencies in order to deliver adverts through its FreePlay system. As long as the games are played, developers will earn their advertising revenues and, generally, a steady stream of relevant advertising and reliable revenue stream are provided.

Developers will also be able to maximize their revenues by offering FreePlay games on their own websites and third party portals. The system appears to be convenient for all, since gamers will be getting their games for free, developers will be able to increase their revenue and advertisers will be able to reach the audience they are interested in. This is why mobile advertising is being embraced by more companies with each day that passes.

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