Mobile Phones Are Contagious, Women More Likely to Catch the “Disease”

People are more interested in texting or talking on their phones when others do the same

There is a not-so-old saying that goes like this: monkey see, monkey do.

According to a team of University of Michigan researchers, this saying might be more true to facts that some people would like it to be. At least as far as mobile phones are concerned, that is.

Not to beat about the bush, these specialists have recently reached the conclusion that the average person is twice likely to feel the need to either speak on their mobile phones or send/read some text messages when in the presence of other people who are doing the very same thing.

Ozzie News reports that women are more likely than men are to pull out their phones when seeing others pulling out theirs.

In others words: mobile phones are contagious, and women are the ones most vulnerable to this “disease.”

“They [phones] can be a wonderfully useful technology, but we need to use them more carefully to make sure that they do not interfere with our in person social interactions,” Dr. Daniel Krueger wished to emphasize.

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