Mobile Phone Games on a New Site Made by Kalador

A new place where to download your mobile games from

Kalador Entertainment has officially launched a virtual mobile phone games & entertainment storefront that you can access here. The site offers different types of java games for mobile phones. From action to card and race games, Kalador brings any of them and many others to mobile phone users by firstly taking into consideration the phone's model.

The site has an easy to use interface all in all. The only thing that stays between the game and its purchase is the technical aspect, as the site it takes much consideration for best compatibility between the cellular and the game that is to be downloaded. Most of them are compatible to all major mobile phone producers. One feature that really eases choosing a game for your cellular is that after selecting a phone model, all available games are immediately displayed in alphabetical order.

There are over 20 developers for the over 200 games available in all categories. Visitors can browse through nearly 2,000 mobile phone models and their associated games that are offered by Kalador.

There is no classification made by the site editors when it comes to games. Kalador's site does not rank them neither by popularity, nor by reviews, but gives a short presentation of them along with representative images from each game. This sets all games on the same level, with the same amount of appreciation in the eyes of the visitor, reducing the choice made to how appealing is the idea of the game and its graphics.

Kalador's newly launched Storefront is expected to expand rapidly throughout this year. Among the game producers that offer their products to Kalador for sale there is SoulBiz and Claymore Studios.

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