Missile Launcher Found During Gun Buyback Event in Seattle

The rocket-propelled grenade launcher was non-functioning, but it had been used before

On Monday, January 28, the Seattle Police Department put together a gun buyback program, in which residents could exchange weapons for $100 grocery certificates.

Among the 716 guns recovered in the program, four turned out to be stolen, and one was a missile launcher. Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that it had been exchanged for cash in the parking lot where the event was being held.

The rocket-propelled grenade launcher had been used before, but it was non-functioning when it was turned in. The missile launcher was initially confiscated, until an investigation determined that it could be safely returned to the buyer.

In LA, police organized a similar event right after Christmas, in the eve of the Newtown shooting. As I wrote at the time, among the 2,000 weapons turned in were two rocket launchers.

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