MinutePhysics' Crash Course into Quantum Mechanics and Its Origins Narrated by Neil Turok

The video provides a short history of the early days of quantum mechanics

The word "quantum" along with quantum physics or quantum mechanics are well ingrained into the most people's brains, yet few actually know what they mean or if they do, few really understand how quantum mechanics works, even those that say they do.

If Angry Birds maker Rovio believes it can teach quantum mechanics to little kids, with a little help from CERN, maybe we could all do with a crash course into field.

MinutePhysics' latest video doesn't exactly do that, but it does provide a small history lesson on how it all came about.

This history lesson is actually a great way of understanding the basic ideas behind quantum mechanics and why it was needed in the first place.

The video is part of a special series and is narrated by Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. It was also created in association with the 2012 Massey Lecture Series, made by the CBC, hosted by Turok this year.

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