Minute to Win It Arrives on the Xbox 360 in October

Be ready to perform in challenges from the TV show

Video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc. has announced that it will be launching a video game version of the popular game show Minute to Win It for the Xbox 360 home console with the Kinect motion tracking system.

The game will be released on October 18, 2011 and will be sold for 29.99 dollars in the United States and 29.99 Euro in Europe.

Minute to Win It is set to use the Kinect sensor in order to allow players to take part in a number of 60 second long challenges that replicate some of the toughest segments seen in the NBC television show.

The likeness of show presenter Guy Fieri will be used to encourage the player and preside over the game show.

Mark Seremet, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Zoo Games, Inc, stated, “The premise of the 'Minute to Win It' game show translates perfectly to a Kinect experience because the real physical challenges of the game can be implemented using a hands-free control mechanism.”

He added, “What we’ve noticed during the focus group testing was that players who weren’t familiar with the show still had an amazing time playing the game. It’s just inherently fun. Also, one of the most entertaining aspects of any Kinect game is watching video replays of yourself and others and in 'Minute to Win It' for Kinect we have set up challenges that will lead to hilarious and entertaining video reels.”

Kim Niemi, who is a senior vice president at NBC Universal, has also expressed delight that Minute to Win It was moving to the home console space and will allow player to replicate some of the most interesting challenges seen on the show, like Bucket Head, which involves ping pong balls, and Supercoin, during which coins needs to be bounced into a jug.

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