Mintpass Set to Release Dual-Screen, Dual-boot Android/Win 7 Tablet in 2011

Probably not so many of you have heard of Mintpass before but this is one company set to make a splash in the portable market, judging by its latest product notice that features a dual-screen, dual-boot tablet that can also act as a notebook to make this one truly hybrid offering.

Founded by CEO Joon Yang in 2008, that also started iriver, Mintpass says this tablet is currently under development and that it will hit the streets sometime in the first half of 2011.

What makes it special however is the fact that Mintpass wants this to come with a dual boot configuration, running Android as well as Windows 7, while it will also feature dual screens, similarly to Toshiba's Libretto W100.

This means that users will be able to surf the Web on one screen while also watching a movie on the other, or convert this into a laptop by using one of the available screens as a touchscreen keyboard, so this will most definitely be suited for all kind of usage scenarios.

Furthermore, by going with Windows 7 as well as with Android, users have the option of choosing between running a full fledged desktop OS or go for the simplicity and improved battery life offered by Android.

Unfortunately, other infos are not known at this time except the fact that Mintpass wants to get certification from Google for this thing in order to offer its users Android Market access once the tablet becomes available.

The hardware space are not yet known, but judging by the info that we do have until know you can bet that at least one screen will come with touch sensitive capabilities, an Intel Atom processor being also pretty much a given since Windows 7 does require some muscle.

As all the details revealed until now sound pretty good, let's just hope this latest Mintpass news doesn't share the same faith as the company's 7 inch Android tablet that was announced all the way back in 2009 and never made it to market. (via Cnet)

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