Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Hacked by Pak Cyber Eaglez

Pakistani hackers want to show that the website is vulnerable

The Pakistani hacker collective Pak Cyber Eaglez has breached the official website of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ministry of Internal Affairs ( 

The attackers have added a defacement page to the website, but they haven’t replaced the index webpage.

According to the statement published on the defaced site, the hackers have targeted the site simply to show that it’s vulnerable.

“We [Pakistani] are that nation who is not afraid of bombs, who is not afraid of death who is not afraid of drone attacks, we are that nation who defeated India many times in wars, we are that nation who faced the most dangerous earth quack 2005, we are that nation who faced dangerous water flood in 2010,” the hackers wrote in a statement.

At the time of writing, the defacement page was still present on the ministry’s website.

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