MiniX TV Box H24, Linux Competition for AppleTV and Nexus Q

This is a micro-sized set-top box that is completely hackable

Google was recently bragging about the hackability of its new Nexus Q mini system, but Miniand is now offering a completely customizable set-top box that runs various Linux distributions. The new toy is powered by an ARM Allwinner A10 CPU that works at a 1200 MHz frequency and features a Cortex A8 core and a MALI400 GPU.

Miniand’s new mini system is reportedly called MiniX TV Box H24 and the company touts complete compatibility with Ubuntu, Fedora, and Puppy Linux distributions.

The basic operating system is Google’s Android 4.0, but the system configuration is quite modest.

There are only 512 MB of DDR3 RAM and only 4 GB of NAND flash storage. The MiniX TV Box H24 also comes with a MicroSD card slot and a HDMI output.

The connectivity is only comprised of two USB 2.0 ports and a Wi-FI 802.11 WirelessN adapter with a single external antenna.

Pricing is slated at $99, which is €81 for the European buyer.


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