Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 7 Brings Breeding, Brewing, Nether Fortress

Gamers will also be able to use a new Christmas theme

Developer Mojang is revealing which PC-based features will be brought to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft via the coming Update 7.

Animal breeding is one of the big additions, with players able to feed two animals of the same type a special food in order to get them to kiss and then create, by magic, a baby animal.

It might not be biologically correct as a process, but gamers have requested the feature after it was introduced on the PC.

A new Mushroom Biome will allow gamers to get the Mycelium block while the new Nether Fortress appears in the Nether, complete with new enemies to face and new blocks to collect and then use.

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 will also get access to brewing, which creates potions for general use, and experience points, obtained via a variety of actions, from killing enemies to breeding or using furnaces.

Enchanting is also linked to experience and allows players to use them in order to create armor, tools and weapons that have specific enchantments and are more useful than their normal versions.

Update 7 for Minecraft on the Microsoft home console also introduces skin animations, which will be expanded on in coming updates.

The Festive Skin pack will also be supported via the new update, which means that it will probably be introduced before Christmas.

Minecraft has been a huge hit for Mojang on the Xbox 360 and the development team is eager to make it attractive in the long term by constantly transferring the best features of the PC version to the Xbox 360.

Minecraft is the best indie-based launch of the last few years and has captured the imagination of players with its mix of simple mechanics and freedom to explore and build as they see fit.

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