Minecraft Update 1.8 First Snapshot Build 14w02a Available for Download

The first test build is finally available for the game and has lots of changes

Minecraft users can finally get a taste of update 1.8 for the game's PC edition, as the first snapshot build for the new patch, 14w02a, is now available for download.

We're almost 10 days into the new year and developer Mojang has already released a brand new snapshot build of the game, in the form of 14w02a, which gives users a taste of the upcoming patch 1.8.

Quite a few new things are included in the new version of the popular indie game, like fresh stone types or various tweaks to the enchanting and repairing systems. Improvements to the Adventure map are also a part of this snapshot, as the studio has disabled the ability to place or destroy blocks in adventure mode in order to see just what happens.

Check out a list of the things included in Minecraft snapshot 14w02a below, via the official blog.

Big survival changes:

- 3 new stone types

- Major Enchanting & Repairing changes

- Mossy stone bricks recipe

- Updated Villager trading

- Doors stack

- Slime blocks

- Lots of other tweaks, changes, bug fixes and secret features

Big Adventure Map changes:

- Adventure Mode no longer lets you place/destroy blocks. But that can change

- Added Entity Selectors! Use @e in certain commands to target entities. You can limit it with [type=Chicken] or [type=!Skeleton]

- Added a /blockdata command

- Added ‘Lock’ (String) NBT tag on most containers.

- Added an optional entity parameter to /kill (try: /kill @e[type=!Player]

- Added optional arguments to /clear for max item count (use 0 to not actually delete anything) & NBT data

- Lots of other tweaks, changes, bug fixes and secret features

As always, in order to enable your build of the game to receive snapshots, Mojang has a special little step-by-step guide, so check it out below.

"To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the 'New Profile' button. Call it 'snapshots' and check the box saying 'Enable experimental development snapshots' and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher."

You can download the new Minecraft snapshot right now from Softpedia.

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