Mindy McCready Risked Losing Both Her Sons Before She Killed Herself

Report: troubled singer was facing the dreadful prospect of losing the boys to her mom

Mindy McCready killed herself last Sunday and, while the entire world knew that she was a very troubled soul, new details offer a better indication of the extent of her problems. She was facing the prospect of losing custody of her two boys, People magazine has learned.

As we also noted at the time, the country singer was seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, after her father filed papers to say she wasn’t a fit parent, pleading with a judge to send her to rehab.

Now, People magazine informs that her estranged mother was being considered as a more suitable alternative for raising the boys, Zander (6) and Zayne (10 months).

Right now, both are in foster care.

“Just days before her suicide, Mindy McCready was plunged into despair after she was served with court papers proposing that her two sons be sent to live with her long-estranged mother,” the celebrity publication says.

“‘The most important thing are my babies must come home,’ she wrote in an email to her private investigator friend Danno Hanks, who tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story: ‘She lost all hope’,” People further says.

As it happens, “home” was a mess, police sources reveal for the same publication.

The house where Mindy took her own life, after she shot her dog, was filthy, with food left out all over the place to go bad, and dog feces on the walls and floors.

Fox News reports that Zander’s father is now taking the necessary legal steps to get custody of the boy. With Zayne, things might be a bit tricky because his father killed himself on the same porch where Mindy also put a gun to her head, earlier this year.

The singer’s mother is believed likely to get custody of the infant.

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