Miley Cyrus Sparks Marriage Rumors with Pic of Wedding Band

Star poses for Christmas photos with fiancé, possibly reveals more than intended

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged and, if one is to believe what she told Ellen DeGeneres, not really in a hurry to tie the knot. That could be because they’re already married, word online has it.

Miley and Liam spent Christmas together, as was to be expected and, naturally, posted photos from the family reunion on social media, on her Twitter and his Pheed.

You can see two such photos also attached to this article.

They show the two having some silly fun around the Christmas tree with the family but, if you look closely enough, you will notice they also show both Miley and Liam are wearing what looks like a wedding band.

TMZ points out that they might have gotten married over the winter holidays, since this is the first time either of them is seen with the ring on.

“Check out Liam's left ring finger – it looks suspiciously like a wedding band. The pose blocks Miley's finger. They got engaged earlier this year but made no announcement about a wedding date,” the celebrity publication writes.

“And as long as we're talking, also take a look at another pic Miley posted, showing her in a Santa's getup. It looks like she might have 2 bands on her ring finger, one being her engagement ring. The other?” the same media outlet speculates.

Naturally, word that Miley might have gotten married spread like wild fire in the blogosphere, with many saying they would not put it past her: such a decision would make sense if she wanted to avoid media attention.

Earlier reports, for instance, said that Miley wanted 3 wedding gowns and 3 different ceremonies for her big day but she shot them down on a recent appearance on Ellen, when she revealed she wasn’t even that far ahead with the wedding planning because she was taking her time.

Could she have been lying to throw the media and the fans off the scent? What do you think?


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