Miley Cyrus Shocks Again in Madonna Tribute Photo Shoot for Vogue

The young singer pays striking tribute to the Queen of Pop

It seems that not even a few days can pass without Miley Cyrus giving away the goods. After a controversial photo shoot with W Magazine in which Miley bared almost all and left little to the imagination, this time she posed for German Vogue in a similar shoot that aims to honor Madonna.

This time, Miley loses her top altogether, as she tries to recreate one of the looks that made Madonna famous in the ‘80s. With bleached hair, vivid-red lipstick and dark eyebrows, young Miley looks disturbingly similar to the Queen of Pop in her heyday.

The magazine is not yet out, but Miley gave her fans a preview on her Twitter page. The photo is taken from the cover and it boasts that the spread is done by legendary photographer Mario Testino. The name is fitting “Blonde Engel” which is German for “Blond Angel,” with the subtitle “starring Miley Cyrus.”

The controversial Miley seems particularly proud of her shoot as she captioned the photos with “Very xxxited about this cover.”

Miley's Twitter profile is beginning to look more and more R-rated these days, as none of her latest photos is suitable for children. The singer is at the moment trying her best to ditch that Disney image that shot her up to fame initially.

This is merely a continuation of her controversial departure from innocent girl-next-door, to hardcore puck-rock chick that started last year with her shocking VMA twerking performance.

In the interview that Miley gave to W Magazine, she said that she was looking to become a style icon for young girls and that people who did not appreciate her efforts, were “haters” and thus, beneath her.

All these antics look vaguely familiar to some of the people who witnessed Madonna's own controversial stage. This means that Miley is not only following in her musical footsteps but also taking a few directions concerning her personal image.

From this point of view, the latest cover for German Vogue hits the nail on the head by comparing Miley with Madonna.

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