Miley Cyrus Releases Super Racy Video for “Wrecking Ball”

Directed by photographer Terry Richardson, vid is bound to get even more people talking

If you thought Miley Cyrus was anywhere near toning it down a bit after the VMAs 2013 controversy around her performance with Robin Thicke, you were wrong. Her brand new video, for “Wrecking Ball,” is out.

Because of images that are best described as “not suitable for work,” I won’t embed it here but you can see it in full here, on YouTube. *Please note that discretion is recommended.

“Wrecking Ball” is directed by famed photographer Terry Richardson and focuses solely on Miley, her pain and tears over a failed relationship, and last but not least, her insane body.

In other words, in certain shots, Miley is shown in just her boots, riding a dangling wrecking ball. Heartbreak will definitely make you do the strangest things.

While I find many of these shots gratuitous, I still like the song, especially if compared to other new songs she recorded in recent months.

What do you think of the video though?

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