Miley Cyrus Loses Respect in Facebook Scam

Another scam offers unseen content in exchange for a share

Facebook members are warned to avoid the latest Miley Cyrus video that promises footage of the celebrity which will make them lose all the respect they have for her.

“I Lost ALL Respect for Miley Cyrus After Watching THIS Video!” reads the message provided by Facecrooks.

Some blurred out images that should feature the star in a compromising situation turn out to lead to the classic survey, but not before the victim shares the rogue advertisement with his friends.

Videos that allegedly show adult content always lead to poll pages that will earn the cybercrooks tons of affiliate cash so be careful on what you share.

The prizes and media content offered in these schemes are never real, so even if they look very realistic, make sure to avoid advertisements that promise fabulous things in return for a click.

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