Miley Cyrus Lets Loose in New Borgore Video “Decisions”

Official music video also features Borgore’s ex and Miley’s fiancé

If you look closely, you might see Miley Cyrus’ fiancé Liam Hemsworth in the official music video for “Decisions,” her collaboration with Borgore. Check it out above and let me know if you spot him.

If you didn’t, here’s why: Liam is the guy wearing the unicorn head mask that Miley is tongue-kissing at some point in the video, after she pops out of the huge cake.

Also featured in the video is Jessie Andrews, Borgore’s ex girlfriend, who reportedly inspired the song about how much “[B-word]s love cake.”

The video was shown at Beacher’s Madhouse in LA, one of Miley’s favorite hangouts. It was more of a party than an actual shoot by the looks of it.

“During the cake fight, Miley asked me to cake her anywhere but her face. It’s clearly not part of my agenda but she’s pretty, so I cut her some slack,” Borgore said in a recent interview.

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