Miley Cyrus Is Not Dead, She's Just in the Desert Posing Without Any Clothes

The singer posts her first photo after she was reported dead by an internet hoax

You will be happy to know that Miley Cyrus is not dead. After the internet freaked out at the possibility that everyone's favorite twerk princess had gone to that big stage in the sky, the singer decided to come back to social media and show her fans that she's still alive.

It had been just a couple of days since we had any news of Miley and since she posted anything on Twitter and Instagram, and her fans have already begun to fear the worst. It didn't take long for fake claims of her demise to appear online and her millions of fans started freaking out.

On Monday, she miraculously came back to life just like Lazarus, in the desert, except she wore a lot less than the Biblical reference. In a photo on her Instagram, Miley appears with her back to the camera, in nothing but a pair of Daisy Dukes, flashing a double peace sign to everyone out there still interested in her wellbeing.

The rest of the photo op was made up of her classic tongue selfies, in which Miley experimented with different hairstyles and make-up. She even included a photo in which she'd covered a pimple on her face with a flowery band-aid. The photo was captioned “Making an ugly pimple pwetty.”

This proof of life should put all her fans and detractors at rest and bury the death rumors. It seems that people no longer comprehend for their favorite celebrity to stay away from the internet for more than one day. It seems inconceivable that Miley would go on vacation and not keep her fans up to date with the latest developments.

Miley isn't the first celebrity to be killed off by an internet hoax, but she is the first one to actually enjoy it and help fan the flames. Seeing the story of how she presumably died in a drug den in Los Angeles, Cyrus thought it would be awfully funny to help promote the rumor by staying quiet on social media and watch her fans freak out.

“Miley is just laying low and hanging out with her new dog and just relaxing. She is aware of the death hoax and thought it was actually pretty funny. By not responding, she thinks it is that much more of a joke because people are continuing to believe it,” said one insider when asked about her state of health.

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