Miley Cyrus Is Dead Again on Facebook – Hoax

Crooks seek to increase popularity of Facebook page to sell it

It seems that the Miley Cyrus death hoax that started to circulate on Facebook towards the end of last week was quite profitable for scammers, so this week they decided to run it again, with a different message.

This time, the dire text announces that the celebrity passed away on Wednesday, July 23, and fans who want to express their condolences are asked to “like” the page and leave a comment.

The message appears to be recycled, as it is used with campaigns more malicious in nature, but the death date is changed.

However, in this particular attempt the administrators of the page do not seek to infect computers of the users or to deceit them into completing online surveys. According to OTA, the crooks want to increase the popularity of a page, which can then be sold to crooks in need of a large audience for luring them into a scam.

As such, anyone contributing to increasing the popularity of the page actually adds more value to it. Cybercrooks can then use the information to initiate malicious campaigns through similar messages.

Whenever sensational news is delivered through social networks or even email from an unknown source it is best to check the information with reputable media sites first and not interact with the post.

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