Miley Cyrus Is 100 Pounds (45.3kg) Now, Planning to Lose More Weight

She’s underweight and putting her health in danger, claims new report

Miley Cyrus has never looked better: she's healthier, more fit and slimmer, thanks to a combination of an intense workout routine and healthy eating. A new report though claims she might be taking it too far.

The former Disney star, who was once (rather maliciously) labeled “chubby” by several media outlets, has lost about 20 pounds (9.07 kg) since December, InTouch Weekly claims in its latest print issue (story via CB).

She kick-started the weight loss with a crash diet and continued it with daily Pilates classes and a very controlled diet.

Miley can't possibly weigh more than 100 pounds (45.3 kg) now, the celebrity publication states, which means she's underweight.

Even worse, she might also be putting her health at risk.

“She looks so skinny! She looks like a completely different person,” an eyewitness who saw her exit Pilates guru Mari Winsor's studio tells the mag.

“Although she insisted on Twitter that a gluten-free diet was to blame for her shocking weight loss, insiders say Miley vowed to slim down for a Hawaiian vacation with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, in December,” InTouch goes on to say.

“She has now gone above and beyond her goals, having dropped 20 pounds [9.07 kg] from her already tiny frame, believes private trainer Thomas Johnson of Santa Monica Sports Medicine. 'Miley is now underweight at 100 pounds,' Johnson tells In Touch of the 5’4″ star,” the same publication writes.

Besides Pilates, Miley is also keeping very active with daily walks with her dog, biking and plenty of jogging, wherefrom InTouch concludes that she must be determined to lose even more weight.

In doing so, she might be risking her health, Johnson underlines.

“She is likely overtraining, which can increase her chances of depression and hypertension,” he says.

In her defense, Miley has always been very frank about her weight, saying she loved herself both when she was slender and toned, and when she was a bit curvier.

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