Miley Cyrus Does Justin Bieber on SNL

Stepping away from the recent controversy caused by her father, Miley Cyrus broke a long period of radio silence with a job as host of Saturday Night Live. Among the skits included, there was also one which saw her as Justin Bieber, which you can find at the end of this article.

Of course, the latest SNL issue could not not include jabs at Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, as fans must already know.

While Miley makes a very convincing LiLo, it was her take on Justin Bieber that earned her warm reviews with fans of the show – and even Beliebers, who think she did their idol justice.

The sketch was included in the popular “The Miley Cyrus Show,” in which Vanessa Bayer spoofs Miley, imitating to perfection her nasal voice and her fondness for words like “y’all” and “like.”

After “Miley” starts the show with an “impersonation” of Charlie Sheen, she moves on to introducing her first guest, Justin Bieber who is, you guessed it, the real Miley in disguise.

Dressed in a purple hoodie and leather jacket and sporting Biebs’ shorter ‘do, Cyrus actually pulls off a spot-on impersonation of the pop idol – and she does so almost without laughing at the jokes.

Speaking of which, some of them are pretty funny actually, drawing on events in real life: like the fake Miley telling Justin that she was caught on tape smoking salvia, and Justin (the real Miley) replying back that she did well to try it because “it’s legit, yo.”

Another very funny bit is the one where Justin reveals he has a coach telling him what to do to appear more attractive for his female fans when he’s on camera.

The sketch ends, as expected, with the real Miley as Justin joining the fake Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus for the well-known song of the show.

Below is the entire sketch – the image is flipped, unfortunately, but it takes none of the fun out. Enjoy.

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