Miley Cyrus Adopts New Pup, Dresses It Up for the Camera

The celebrity's new pooch is fairly small and annoyingly cute

Pictures of Miley Cyrus and her new pooch, Penny Lane, are now causing quite a media stir, and most people agree that this particular singer is indeed committed to lending a helping hand to animals that find themselves in need.

The dog was only recently adopted by this celebrity from Saving SPOT! Rescue, and Miley seems unable to get enough of it.

Shortly after adopting it, the star tweeted as follows: “just rescued baby 'Rosie' [this was Penny Lane's name before being Miley's new pet] from @spotrescuedogs; another angel saved,” Ecorazzi reports.

“@peta thought you’d enjoy a photo of the newest rescue addition to the Cyrus fam from @SpotRescueDogs SHE IS SO CUTE,” she later added.

As the picture above shows, Penny Lane is a fairly small dog, yet adorable as it gets. Especially when it's posing for the camera in the outfits its adoptive mom bought for it.

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