Mila Kunis Photographed with Baby Bump

Star may be expecting her first child with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis might be getting ready for motherhood, if the latest photos of her that have emerged online are an accurate representation of the truth. The star has been snapped sporting what looks like a definite baby bump.

Over the weekend, the actress and her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher stepped out for a walk, with Mila doing her best casual style in a pair of sweats and a striped t-shirt.

The photos are available here, at the Daily Mail.

The British tabloid notes that either the star had a pretty big lunch, or she’s expecting her first child, with the scales tipping in that direction.

“Mila Kunis is at the centre of a pregnancy riddle after the actress was seen out on Saturday sporting what looked like a baby bump during a romantic stroll with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, 34,” the Mail writes.

“Seen out wearing a striped vest, the young Black Swan star appeared to be showing a definite roundness in the stomach area. The pair are no strangers to keeping things quiet,” the tab further says.

It also notes that, some weeks ago, Mila was frequently seen wearing tummy-bearing tees and tops but, as of late, she’s only rocking loose clothes, which could be the closest thing to a confirmation that she’s expecting.

This would confirm reports that, indeed, things are getting very serious between her and Ashton, who is, as far as the world knows, still legally married to wife of 6 years Demi Moore.

He and Mila have recently moved in together and they’ve been talking about getting married and starting a family as soon as they can do so legally, it is being said.

The Daily Mail reached out to a publicist for the actress for comment on the recent rumors but, so far, he’s not been immediately available.

Keep an eye on this space for updates to this.

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