Middleboro Shooting: One Woman Killed, Gunman Shot by Police

Police shoot a suspect but he will survive the injury

A man killing a woman in Middleboro last night has been shot by police officers and he has survived, reports say.

Police have identified 52-year-old Thomas Buttimer as the perpetrator of a deadly shooting in Middleboro on Friday, before 12:03 a.m.

The Boston Globe noted that the officers showed identification and the man was told to put down the firearm.

He refused to do so and he was shot, but he was transported to a hospital. He is expected to live.

“When police told him several times to drop the weapon, he did not comply and was pointing the weapon at police. He was then shot by police,” a spokesperson for Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz’s office informs.

Plymouth County District Attorney spokeswoman Bridget Norton Middleton identifies the victim as 65-year-old Norma DesRoche.

She was fatally shot in the chest and she was found in front of her 174 Highland Street home, with her husband and another man trying to revive her.

The Enterprise reports that the shooter has been living in the victim's home, which is registered to her husband.

“We heard like fifteen gunshots one right after the other. [...] It was powerful enough that it shook this door.

“It shook the windows. Then all the sudden there was like 17 cop cars," describes neighbor Tlyer Lambert.

Another neighbor called police recently to express concern about someone shooting rifles on the property on a regular basis. He was told that they were allowed to do so on their property.

“They basically told me that whoever was shooting had a right to do so. I told them I have children, horses, goats on my property. I can’t even let my kids come out because I’m afraid they may get shot,” the unidentified man said.

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