Microsoft to Update Windows 9 Preview Twice a Month

The company is planning to bring new features in this early build on a regular basis

Windows 9 Preview is expected to launch in late September or October, and although this does sound really exciting for Microsoft enthusiasts, there’s something that might not be so good news.

The very first build of Windows 9 Preview scheduled to go live in approximately 30 days will come with limited functionality, meaning that some of the features that we’ve talked about in the last two months or so won’t be there.

Microsoft is planning to frequently update the original build instead of releasing new testing versions every once in a while, thus making sure not only that everyone runs the latest preview build, but also that consumers do not need to perform a clean installation regularly.

A report by The Verge and citing people close to the matter reveals that Windows 9 Preview is expected to be updated twice a month, as Microsoft wants the development process to advance at a really fast pace. This does make sense especially because the launch date is said to be April 2015, so all features must be ready before this milestone.

What’s more, Windows 9 should reach RTM in early 2015, so all features that are part of the preview should be running smoothly by this moment.

It’s very important to note that not all features expected to be part of Windows 9 will be released to Preview users, as the company is still keeping some surprises for the final unveiling. The desktop build of Cortana is just one of them, as Microsoft is hard at work to bring the personal assistant on Windows 9 PCs and tablets.

There are some voices however which claim that Cortana might show up at some point in Windows 9 Preview, but if this indeed happens, some of “her” features might not be available.

Windows 9 Preview is going to be updated automatically thanks to a newly developed system independent from Windows Update, sources say. This makes it possible not only to receive patches and fixes, as is the case of Windows Update, but also to update the build number altogether and thus add new features and options to the operating system.

This new system is already there in existing builds of Windows 9 and could see daylight together with the first preview coming out next month, but full details are yet to be disclosed.

Microsoft is expected to hold a press event to introduce the new Windows 9 Preview next month, so more on everything that’s going to happen with Windows will be coming very soon.

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