Microsoft to Spend More Than $1 Billion (€773M) on Windows 8 Advertising Campaign

The company may launch the official Windows 8 adverts as soon as this weekend

Microsoft has already announced its big plans to advertise Windows 8 across the whole world, but it appears that the company is willing to spend more than $1 billion (€773 million) to let everyone know about its new operating system.

Forbes writes that Microsoft’s marketing budget for Windows 8 could go as high as $1.8 billion (€1.3 billion), although these numbers are yet to be confirmed by the Redmond-based devices and services company.

What’s more, it seems that Microsoft is willing to start the advertising campaign as soon as this weekend, as the company will officially unveil both the Windows 8 operating system and the Surface tablet on October 25 in New York.

Peter Han, VP of Microsoft’s US OEM division said a few days ago that Microsoft is working on one of the largest advertising campaigns in the United States.

The company expects this to generate around 1.6 billion impressions which equals to five impressions for every man, woman and child in the US.

“I can tell you, it's going to be difficult to tune in to your typical popular tv show or sports program and not see a Windows commercial in the next few months,” Peter Han told the audience at the Synnex National Conference in South Carolina.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has very high expectations from its completely new Surface tablet, so the upcoming advertising campaign plays a key role for the overall sales performance of the new devices.

Microsoft has already started a street advertising campaign for the Surface, with plenty of ads placed across the United States in an attempt to let Americans know about the new Microsoft Windows 8 device.

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