Microsoft to Release Special Edition Windows 8 Anime PC

The company will sell the computer at a comic book convention in Japan

In an attempt to promote the company’s latest operating system, Microsoft will have its own booth at the Japanese largest comic convention and, what’s more, it’ll sell a special PC aimed at the local market.

A report by reveals that Microsoft is looking into ways to make the most of the Japanese market, so continuing its efforts to advertise Windows 8 using anime mascots seems to be the best way to do it.

The Windows 8 DSP edition already uses two different anime characters to tackle the Japanese market, but it seems like Microsoft has many more plans for the upcoming Comic Market.

The Redmond-based technology company will have its very own booth at Japan’s largest comic book convention and besides several cosplay girls that will advertise its products, Microsoft is also expected to bring a special edition Windows 8 anime PC.

The software giant apparently intends to sell this computer during the convention, although it’s hard to believe that Japanese comic book fans actually go there to buy a new PC.

The DSP (Delivery Service Partner) version of the Japanese Windows 8 operating system comes with a price tag of $255 (€197) and includes a theme pack wallpaper, event sounds and a Microsoft Wedge touch mouse with the Windows 8 logo.

Microsoft uses two anime mascots called Madobe Yū and Madobe Ai to promote Windows 8 in Japan, but official sales figures are obviously yet to be disclosed, just like it happens in the rest of the world.

Both Yu and Ai are expected to attend the comic book convention, but the aforementioned source claims that Microsoft could also bring “Claudia,” the company’s very own anime character used to advertise Windows Azure in the country.

The Comic Market convention will officially open its doors on December 29 at the Tokyo Big Site.

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