Microsoft to Port Zune HD Apps to Windows Phone

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft is expected to bring to Windows Phone the applications that were developed for its Zune HD devices, so as to broaden the application ecosystem for the mobile operating system a little more.

While there are some great applications and games available for the device, the collection is not an extended one, but Windows Phone users will still enjoy appealing software on their devices, that's for sure.

Dave McLauchlan, senior business development manager for Zune, was the one to break the news, in a new episode of the Zune Insider podcast.

“The apps that we have built internally for Zune, we’re actually looking at porting those over to Windows Phone. I can’t tell you when or what the exact dates are. But that’s something we’re definitely looking at,” Dave McLauchlan, stated.

Zune HD App Marketplace features applications coming mainly from Microsoft themselves (either the Zune team, or a Microsoft employee), though some of the software available there came from designated third-party developers.

As AnythingbutiPhone notes, out of 15 entertainment, social, and utility apps, ten came from Microsoft. Moreover, 19 on the available 29 games for Zune came from Microsoft.

As Dave McLauchlan noted, only the Zune applications and games that Microsoft developed internally will be ported to Windows Phone.

However, the company is also expected to try to convince other developer to make similar moves with their own software released for Zune, though there's no telling on whether that would actually happen or not.

Some of the applications available for Zune were already ported to the new mobile operating system, while others have corresponding software available for smartphones running under the OS, including the clients for social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and others as well.

The Windows Phone Marketplace has over 20,000 applications available for download for users, and, while these Zune apps won't make too much of a difference, they will certainly be welcome to the storefront.

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