Microsoft to Plan New Music Service

It will make it accessible to Xbox and Windows Phone users

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft might soon announce a new service designed for its Xbox users, as well as for the owners of Windows Phones.

Apparently, the company is already involved in talks with various leading labels out there for the launch of the new service.

A recent article on CNet cites sources “with knowledge of the talks” who confirmed that the upcoming service would serve both Xbox and an upcoming Windows Phone.

The service is supposedly different from the currently available Zune Music Pass, but details on it are scarce at the moment.

Microsoft has started the negotiations on this new service only recently, and it might take a while before something is announced on the matter.

However, it appears that the Redmond-based giant is set to make the service available for the public before the end of this year, and that it could offer both streaming and download capabilities.

Since the new service would be launched for Windows Phone users as well, companies like HTC and Nokia might adhere to it as well, the said article on CNet continues.

Microsoft is not the only large industry player who offers a music service to its users. Google already has a similar offering in place for Android users, and enables them to listen to music via their desktop computers as well. RIM also launched a BBM Music service for its BlackBerry users.

With the upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 set to arrive this year, along with the long-rumored Xbox 720 console, it was only natural for Microsoft to consider reshaping its Zune Music Pass service.

There are over 40 million worldwide Xbox Live subscribers, and music labels will certainly want to tap into the opportunities these have to offer. Microsoft already has license deals when it comes to music and this will certainly prove beneficial in the shaping of the new offering.

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