Microsoft to Create “Surface” Brand, Foxconn and Others to Help

The Redmond-based technology company is planning to expand the Surface family

Microsoft has already launched the Surface tablet, but it seems that this device was actually the first of an entire series of products wearing the “Surface” badge.

The next Surface product that’s slated to see daylight is the Surface Pro, a much more advanced version of the RT tablet that’s going to run Windows 8 pro and legacy Windows apps.

Microsoft is yet to disclose the official launch date for the Surface Pro, but sources familiar with the matter have hinted that the Redmondians could actually release the device in early 2013.

Another tablet, once again expected to be included in the “Surface” product family, is a 7-inch unit. Especially designed with gaming purposes in mind, the so-called Xbox Surface tablet would feature a 7-inch display, but much more advanced hardware to be able to run high-performance games.

Microsoft has previously denied speculation over a mini-Surface tablet, but insiders are pointing out that work on this project has already started.

Last but not least, a Surface smartphone is very likely to complete the Surface product range. As we already told you, sources close to the matter are suggesting that Microsoft has already partnered with Foxconn for the manufacturing of the device, but specific details are yet to be disclosed.

If all these rumors turn out to be true, Microsoft would become a top player in the hardware market, challenging the likes of Apple and Google in several industry sectors.

Microsoft’s already-launched Surface RT has always been considered a potential iPad killer, but experts have suggested that the two devices are actually tackling different user categories.

Official sales figures for the Surface RT are yet to be disclosed, but Microsoft claims that its device is selling like hot cakes. The cheapest model was sold out in less than 24 hours after Microsoft officially debuted the pre-order campaign.

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