Microsoft’s Search Engine Will Let Users Download Free HQ Wallpapers

Bing will come with a new feature to provide free wallpaper downloads

Microsoft’s Bing search engine will soon integrate a new feature that will allow users to download the wallpapers used as online backgrounds on the main page of the service.

As you probably know by now if you are a Bing user, the search engine comes with a fresh background every day, but also gives visitors the power to switch to a different photo.

All pictures come in high resolution and are shot by professional photographers, which convinced software developers to create third-party apps to download these wallpapers.

Microsoft however is fully aware of users’ desire to download high-resolution wallpapers, so the company is currently testing a dedicated feature in this regard.

NeoWin reports that Microsoft has already confirmed that it would release such a tool in the near future, but refused to provide more information on the matter.

While it’s not yet clear if these high-resolution backgrounds indeed manage to attract more users to an otherwise heavily-criticized search engine, Microsoft struggles to promote Bing as hard as possible.

The recently launched “Bing It On” campaign revealed that 33 percent of Google’s users are ready to make the switch to Microsoft’s search engine after taking the “blind test.”

Surprisingly, Microsoft polled 4,700 people to find out their favorite search engine, with 64 percent of the respondents admitting they were surprised with the quality of Bing’s search results.

“We are working very hard to continue improving the quality of our results (from web search to adding new useful information from your social networks), and to make the distinctions between Bing and Google clear so you can make an informed choice. This campaign is just the start,” Mike Nichols, corporate vice president and chief marketing officer, Bing, said in a statement.

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