Microsoft’s Office Has over One Billion Users

Office 2010 is the most popular flavor of the productivity suite

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled some interesting details on its products and services during the company’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to offering details on the upcoming releases of Windows 8, the Redmond-based software giant also offered info on some other products that have become significantly popular among end-users.

Among them, there’s the Microsoft Office Suite, currently sitting pretty at over one billion users globally.

According to Microsoft, the productivity suite of applications has grown so much that one person is buying an Office 2010 copy worldwide each second.

Moreover, the software giant underlined the fact that Office 2010 is indeed the most popular version of the suite. Its fast growth has helped the company reach that one billion users milestone.

“The Office Division has never been stronger, and our amazing partners are critical to this success. Office is now used by more than a billion people,” Kurt DelBene, president of the Microsoft Office Division, stated.

Moving forth, we should see a new range of products coming from Microsoft, including some in the Office line, such as the Office 2013 suite, which is expected to arrive in Beta later this summer.

So far, Microsoft has been mum on the functionality and features that Office 2013 would have to offer to its users, though leaked info on the product offered us the possibility to make an idea of what’s coming next.

For example, we know that Office 2013’s interface will be influenced by the Metro UI in Windows 8, and that there will be a range of optimizations throughout the suite for use on touch-enabled devices that will run under the next-generation operating system starting with October this year.

Office will also come pre-loaded on upcoming Windows RT tablet PCs, though not the entire suite. Microsoft also unveiled that Office on ARM devices would be one of the very few applications capable of running in desktop mode.

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