Microsoft’s “Metro UI” Becomes “Windows 8 Modern UI”

Both the Windows 8 Start screen and apps for the OS suffer the name change

Windows 8, the next-generation operating system from Microsoft, will arrive on the market with a brand new interface when compared to the previous Windows releases.

So far called “Metro,” the UI appears to have got a new name, mainly due to a trademark infringement, some of the latest reports on the matter suggested.

The Redmond-based software giant hasn’t provided specific info on the matter, but it appears that the interface will be called Windows 8 Modern UI from now on.

Initially, the Metro-style UI was said to have been renamed to Windows 8-style UI, and that all applications built in line with it to have been rebranded as Windows 8 apps.

However, it appears that Microsoft actually decided to go for another name, and that reference to the aforementioned Windows 8 Modern UI can be found on at least two documents from the company.

A recent article on The Verge points at this name being used in a recent blog post on MSDN, as well as in the description of a series of upcoming events at Microsoft.

This listing on Microsoft’s Public Sector DevCamp, which covers Windows 8 Release Preview, clearly states that Metro apps are now being called Modern UI-style applications.

“Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined. Join this session to learn about the new platform for building Modern UI-style applications,” the listing notes.

“Windows 8 marks the next step in the evolution of the Modern UI design style. Through the bold use of color, typography, and motion, Modern UI design style represents a fresh approach to the user experience.”

Other listings of the kind are also there to prove that the name change has been already performed. It affects both the Windows 8 Start screen and the applications built for the upcoming platform.

Windows 8 is set to become available for purchase starting with October 26th this year. The platform was released to manufacturing last week, and will be put up for download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers starting with next week.

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