Microsoft's MS13-057 Update Also Breaks Down YouTube Videos, Some Games

The company has delivered a faulty fix on Patch Tuesday

As we’ve reported to you during the weekend, one of the updates released by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday breaks down video rendering on some Windows XP and 7 computers, but it seems like the issue is also affecting YouTube videos and some games.

According to a post on Yahoo Answers, clips downloaded from YouTube turn half black after deploying the newest Patch Tuesday updates.

“The videos are in wmv format and I always use that format and it has always worked for me in the past. What's also weird is that sometimes videos will come out fine,” one user explained.

The same issue was reported by a few users who tried to play games on their Windows XP/7 computers, including Rome Total War and Barbarian Invasion. A post on the Total War forums point to a similar problem that appears to be caused by the faulty patch.

“I have played RTW for many years even on this desktop i'm using. All of a sudden yesterday when I opened the game the opening video had the top half of the screen cut off. It was just simply black on the top half and video showing on the bottom half,” one of the affected users explained the problem.

“I have checked to make sure this isn't a problem with my monitor. I have never had this problem before and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there is a fix for this.”

Microsoft is yet to provide more details on the matter, but the company is most likely investigating the issue as we speak, so expect a revised update to be released in the coming days.

In the meantime, the only way to deal with the problem is to completely uninstall the update by going over to Control Panel, launching Programs and clicking on View installed Updates. Look for KB 2803821 on Windows 7 or for KB 2834904 on Windows XP and hit uninstall.

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