Microsoft’s Anti-Google Backers Have No Idea What They’re Fighting For

Some of the comments have nothing to do with Google and Gmail

As part of its anti-Google assault, Microsoft also rolled out a petition, calling for users to sign it and thus “force” the Mountain View-based search giant to stop looking into everyone’s inbox to serve ads.

While the number of users skyrocketed overnight, in a pretty suspicious way we’d say, it appears that some of those who have signed the petition have no idea what they’re fighting for.

Here’s what Microsoft says on the petition page:

“Sign this petition and tell Google to stop going through your emails to sell ads.”

And here’s what some of users add just a few inches below:

“It's horrible. Free for everyone and everybody. They should to pay for animals’ pain.”

“I've never seen before a man so full of peace, his way is simplicity, his talk is clear for everybody, a great teacher for all of us.”

“Absolutely disgraceful that this can be allowed, and what about the safety to others, this person, if you call him a human being should be punished, not only has he killed a lovely dog, but also the owner and friend must be very distressed.”

In the meantime, the software giant continues its war with Google, even though the search company has never issued a reply on all these attempts.

Microsoft has even placed an anti-Gmail billboard next to the Google headquarters in order to let commuters know that the company is looking into their emails in order to serve relevant ads.

In addition, an infographic rolled out just a few hours ago claims that many Gmail users are ready to abandon the service and move to a different email platform because of the way Google handles their privacy.

Of course, Microsoft recommends everyone to switch to, its very own email service that’s not violating their privacy at all. At least that’s what Microsoft says.

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