Microsoft’s 32 GB Surface Already Sold Out

Shipments delayed for three weeks for Microsoft’s 32 GB tablet without a cover

Microsoft yesterday rolled out pricing and preorders for the Surface tablet and the device is apparently enjoying a terrific success.

The 32 GB version without a Black Touch Cover is already sold out, so shipments have been pushed back three weeks, Microsoft mentions on its official website.

This is the cheapest Surface version for sale, with a price of $499 (€380), so if you wish to get the Microsoft tablet on October 26, you have to pay either $599 (€460) for the 32 GB flavor with a Black Touch Cover or $699 (€535) for the 64 GB with the same cover.

Microsoft is yet to issue an official statement on Surface’s early success, but the company was apparently expecting this since it has already placed orders to manufacture between 3 and 5 million devices in the fourth quarter of this year.

Unsurprisingly, most users who have already preordered a Microsoft Surface tablet said they are delighted with the technical specs and expect the device to provide a very smooth experience.

“First of all, I'm super excited about the way Microsoft is heading with the new Surface.. Needless to say I already ordered on,” a user wrote on “I'm a huge fan of the surface, just ordered my 32gb with touch cover,” another one added.

Microsoft will also land the tablet in several European countries, with pricing and technical specs to be published on the local Microsoft Store website.

Full pricing information on the Surface is available on this link, while all technical details have been included in this story.

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