Microsoft’s 2008 Recruitment Videos Are the Most Awkward Things You’ll Watch Today

This is how Redmond actually attempted to recruit new workers six years ago

It’s a well-known fact that Microsoft is one of the best companies in the world to work for and not only because everyone is well paid and has a lot of benefits, but also thanks to the fact that you thus get the chance to participate in the development of some of the most popular products on the market.

Working for Microsoft is definitely a dream that never comes true for some people, but the software giant, just like any company that’s trying to recruit young talents, is always looking for new employees that could help make its products more innovative.

What you can find below are two videos created by Microsoft in 2008 to convince skilled workers to join its team, but the way it attempts to do that cannot be explained in words.

Before hitting the play button, it’s worth knowing that you won’t be able to get back the five minutes or so that you’re going to lose watching these two videos.

And in case this makes any difference, they are the creation of Brad Abrahams, who directed and created the videos for Digital Kitchen, who then posted both on Vimeo.

Abrahams himself admits that these two recruiting videos are pretty awkward, and since we’ve never heard of them in six years, Microsoft most likely thought that too.

“The first in a series of two viral videos for Microsoft Recruiting. We were asked to help recruit up-and-coming ace computer programmers before they get snatched up by Google and Facebook. We thought the only way for them to appear fresh would be to do something they never do, poke fun at themselves, specifically in the context of how they are viewed in the computing community. Somehow Microsoft let the concept through. This is the result,” Abrahams said.

As far as the second video is concerned, its creator says that it was so awkward that Microsoft didn’t even know what to do with it.

“This is what happens when you divide by zero. The second in our series of two viral videos for Microsoft Recruiting, although this one was so weird they didn't know what to do with it. Two computer programmers are lured into a virtual world of their own creation by a gender-neutral artificial intelligence. Will they escape from their own genius?” he explained.

Now it’s time to hit the play button and find out what happened in Redmond six years ago. Just don’t blame us for losing 5 precious minutes of your life. Consider yourself warned.

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