Microsoft and Nokia to Spend $100M for Lumia 900’s Marketing Updated

AT&T is expected to get involved in the campaign as well

Next week, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia might unveil to the world its newest Windows Phone flagship device, the long rumored Nokia Lumia 900, which sports the codename of Nokia Ace.

The handset is said to be on its way to the United States market as well, where wireless carrier AT&T will add it to its offering.

According to new rumors, the smartphone is set to arrive on shelves in late March. It is also expected to feature support for AT&T’s LTE network, and to sport improved hardware capabilities when compared to the already available Nokia Windows Phones.

Nokia’s handsets are not very popular in the United States, but it appears that the handset vendor plans on changing that with the release of Nokia Lumia 900.

Helped by Microsoft, the company is said to plan on spending no less than $100 million for Lumia 900’s marketing, a recent post on BetaNews reads.

AT&T should also be part of the deal, if rumors on it being the carrier for this handset are real. However, no specific info on how the cost will be shared between the three has emerged until now.

Apparently, the wireless carrier will promote the handset in its advertising, as well as via its retail channels and in stores.

It would be the first time that a Windows Phone benefited from such a treatment in the United States. Given the fact that the mobile OS is still trailing major mobile platforms in this market (and in many others, for that matter), it does make sense for better marketing to be put in place for it.

Nokia Lumia 900 should include all of the ingredients necessary to give the platform a necessary boost, though we’re rather skeptical that it might be able to achieve much on its own. Lumia 710 might provide a helping hand when released at T-Mobile, but more is needed, that’s for sure.

Update: Paul Thurrotts from winsupersite claims that the actual spendings would rise to $200 million, double than the originally rumored figure. If so, it means that Microsoft is indeed determined to make a big push for Windows Phone in 2012.

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