Microsoft: You Won’t Need a Clean Install to Move to Windows 8.1

Company exec talks about the way users should deploy the first Windows 8 update

Microsoft will soon launch the new Windows 8.1 Preview, so all customers now running Windows 8 will be allowed to make the move to this version via the Windows Store.

In an interview with TechTarget, Erwin Visser, general manager of the Windows commercial division, explained that users should install Windows 8.1 though the built-in update option and not necessarily by performing a clean install.

“One of the things we are advising with Windows 8.1 is for customers to update their OSes through upgrade bits instead of wipes and loads. This means that we are confident the upgrade process of the OS is created with Windows 8.1, and it will be much more lightweight for customers to deploy Windows 8.1 at least,” he was quoted as saying.

As you probably know by now, Windows 8.1 will be available as a free download in the Windows Store, so starting with June 26, Windows 8 users will be provided with a notification that a major update is up for grabs.

“Taking also into account the ability to drive apps and hardware, we believe for Windows 8 customers to upgrade to Windows 8.1, it will be a relatively lightweight process -- much closer to downloading or deploying a service pack than an upgrade,” Visser continued.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that all users who would install Windows 8.1 Preview would have to remove all apps, including both Metro and desktop software, and settings when switching to the stable version of the operating system.

According to some leaked details, Windows 8.1 is set to reach general availability in October, so think twice before deploying the public beta on your computer. Just as expected, the stable version of Windows 8.1 is going to pack several major improvements, most likely addressing the overall performance and stability of the operating system.

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